This is going to pretty much be a short and sweet post because there is so much that I am getting ready to write about from the ReplayFx event this past weekend in Pittsburgh, PA.  But here is the thing.  My mother used to tell me when I was younger that used to play too many video games.  This was the one phrase that pretty much haunted me through my high school, college and even after school.  But years later, I really didn’t realize it until I went to ReplayFX.

With over 1200 video games/pinball games and even home console systems, I officially can say that, oh man I can’t believe that I am saying this…. my mother was right.  When I first walked into the hall, I was thinking, ok this is not what I expected.  Although it was mostly because I walked into six oversized inflatable rides.  But turning to the left and turning to the right, I was completely speechless.  I have never seen this many arcade and pinball games in my life.  Even though I was over tired, I knew that this was my home for the next four days.

Everything that was from the retro world of video games was pretty much there.  Although there were a few titles that I was not familiar with and there a few missing.  But that really wasn’t a problem.  Pretty much every day, I went to the show and spent no more than an hour playing my old favorites.  Zoo Keeper, Discs of Tron, Rampage and even Baby Pac Man and Shootout.  See?!?!!?  This is was only five of the 1200 + games there.

And at the end of each night, that was it!  I was burned out.  To have this open until 1am each night was like trying to do a marathon.  I couldn’t do it, no matter how hard I tried.  I just couldn’t do it.  There were too many to play.  I really tried.  I was so burned out that the following Monday, I even skipped the weekly pinball club in Iowa.  How was that possible?  I actually played too many video games over the weekend.

I wish that this was a joke.  But unfortunately, it’s not.  And I am getting ready to write a lot this month on the event and some of the other exciting new things I have discovered.  So for now, I am going to have to….

Keep Calm and Insert Coin

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