I have always talked about video games and the arcade world.  But this time I just want to take a step back because we are at the beginning of October and you know what that means.  Stale candy to be gathered and eaten at the end of December.  But all of the stories that I have told in the past have been absolutely 100% true.  And unfortunately, this one is no exception.

This story might not be for the weak of heart.  Or at least mine.  When the Playstation came out, everyone wanted every game that was released for the system no matter what.  And needless to say I was one of them.  Crash Bandicoot, Battle Arena Toshienden, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer….all of them. I started a great collection.  But then Capcom came out with a new attempt at the horror genre with Resident Evil and the introduction to the Umbrella Corporation.  For where we were in the level of technology, this was ground breaking and unforgetable.

But the true test of my fears were tested.  I had just finished my acting contract working at Adventureland as a cowboy for the summer.  Long story.  But anyway, I moved back home to my parents and hooked up my Playstation in the basement.  I had full surround sound and it was great.  My parents went out for the night to go see a show at the Civic Center and I was home alone and I wanted to play Resident Evil.  I was ready to go.

But the radar on tv said that there was a storm coming through the Des Moines area for the next two hours.  I had nothing better to do.  This was perfect.  So I started to play.  I was starting to walk through the mansion and pick up weapons and ammo.  I then found a place to save the game which was good.  And then I started to walk down the hall.  And then it happened.

I don’t know how it happened all at the same time but it did.  Keep in mind the volume was pretty high on the stereo and the sound but here we go.

As I was walking down the hall, a demon dog crashed through the window.  Outside of my house, there was a flash of lightning and a huge crack of thunder and then the power went out.  Followed by a loud obnoxious girl like scream.  I couldn’t tell where it came from.  The tv was off and the stereo was off.  Oh crap, that was me.  Yeah, that was the first and last time I played Resident Evil.  I just can’t tolerate anything that will scare the crap out of you.  I had a few nightmares for the following week after that.  Not even the craving for watching the movies has ever crossed my mind even though I was told it was a great series.  Proven point,  Just need to go back to the arcade and……


Keep Calm and Insert Coin



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