One day, I went to my local bar-cade and went downstairs and saw one of the biggest multiplayer video games I have ever seen, and it was way bigger than X-Men. I had to look closer. This huge white machine matched ten players into two teams of ultimate chaos in an 8-bit world that almost looks like Joust on crack. Killer Queen, by Liquid Bit, has become one of the strangest overnight successes for party games in the arcade.

Between two teams of ten divided into two teams, gold and blue. You start of course with one queen and then the workers who can later turn into warriors. Throughout the game, you have three ways to win; by Military Victory which is killing the queen three times. Economic Victory, which has the workers filling the hive with berries. And then there is the Snail Victory, which has the first team that has a worker on a snail getting to the basket. Believe it or not it is all strategy, but sometimes, it is just all out mayhem.

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