Another news story that’s worth a write up, as Saberman contacted us earlier today, about an interesting looking game called Laser World for the Commodore Amiga: A Polish game that has been found, recovered and made available for all to enjoy. While I’m not sure who originally made the dumps, all I can go on is this post by Rygar. “This dump was posted on one Polish forum few years ago. IIRC you uploaded them to FTP  Recently I realized any of them wasn’t processed so I created topic to move things ahead! To coincide with this news story, Saberman has shown a video of the game in action.


Usually when it comes to games I know what to write, but for Laser World I’m struggling! There are multiple posts by many different users, and it’s spread across both EAB and the Polish forum So while the game looks to be a move the blocks, and point the lasers towards specific objects which in turn must be reflected towards the Exit to win the game. I’m asking for users here to reply in comments if they know anything about Laser World and why it was a ‘Forgotten Game’.
Code: Arkadiusz Waliszewski
Graphics: Jarosław “Freeman” Gruse
Music: Aleksander “Alex” Biliński
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