Yes, that title is deliberately alarmist. This is not a drill – if you’ve been thinking of purchasing Analogues excellent Super Nt and are also a fan of the record label, Ghostly, then you better line up $249.99US pretty darn quick. They’ve just collaborated to create a special edition of the console, dubbed the Ghostly x Analogue Edition, and only 1000 units are available.

Releasing in an aesthetically pleasing, but oh-so dust vulnerable pure white, it will also come bundled with an equally white (and wireless) 8BitDo SN30 controller and receiver. This will incur an extra 60 bucks over the regular version, however, (the SN30’s only retail for $39.99 individually) but there will at least be seven new start-up jungles (or “sonics” as Analogue puts it) by Ghostly artists. These include the likes of Christopher Willits, Gold Panda, Mary Lattimore, Shigeto, Tadd Mullinix, Ouri and Telefon Tel Aviv.

As stated, there will be only 1000 units available. However, as of writing, Analogues online store still allows me to add one to a cart – so I assume there are still some available. I can’t imagine these will last very long, though.

If you need a bit of a refresher on what the Super Nt is exactly, read on. Announced in the October of last year, the Super Nt is an FPGA-based aftermarket Super Nintendo. This is not like the cheap NOAC (Nintendo-on-a-chip) crap you might find at the markets, however, as the FPGA chipset (which stands for field-programmable gate array while we’re spouting out acronyms) is an accurate recreation of the SNES’s hardware rather than an emulation of it.

Here they call it the Altera Cyclone V, and it has been crafted and honed ever since Analogues Mini Nt – which was the same sort of thing except for the NES. It allows for a lag-free 1080p HDMI output, which is certainly becoming a necessity in the modern age. The company also announced a Sega variant of this hardware back in October, of which covers the Genesis, Master System and a slew of other Sega goodies through adapters. It’s planned to be shipped in April.

Back to the matter on hand – if you would like to order a Ghostly x Analogue Edition Super Nt, you can do so via Analogues online store.

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