Not satisfied with the amount of games mentioned and think more are needed? Then how about this latest game(s) from PuttyCAD and Tinsoldier, it’s ‘Lockdown Town ZX’. A brand new ZX Spectrum release in which the creator says is “3 GAMES FOR THE PRICE OF 1!. Lockdown Town ZX includes the Christmas and Halloween versions of the game with New Graphics and Level Designs. CAN YOU BEAT ALL THREE VERSIONS? ”

Working on all ZX Spectrum original hardware and all known Emulators, with positive feedback from those that have played it such as “Great to play, fun, fast and worthy like all Spectrum games should be”. In this game you must drive around Lockdown Town picking up patients and delivering them to the hospital for treatment. The bad news is, you’ll have to avoid the nasty covidiots that are spread throughout the different versions of the game.

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