LC-Games is certainly no stranger to Indie Retro News, creating brilliant titles such as Bagman Comes Back, Tutankham, Tutankham Returns, Mike Mech, Scout the Stray, Santa’s Troubles and our personal favourite Arcade to C64 game of Dig Dug. But another game has just caught our attention and worthy of a mention on IRN, and it’s LC-Games latest C64 homage to the 1980’s ‘Lock’n’Chase ‘: an arcade game developed by DECO in 1981 which runs perfectly on both PAL and NTSC models of the Commodore 64!

Here’s the latest about the gameplay via the website. “The protagonist of the game is a thief named Lupin. The aim of the game is to enter a vault and collect all the coins and, if possible, any other treasure that may appear. The thief must then exit the vault without being apprehended by the Super Ds (cops). The thief can close doors within the maze to temporarily prevent the cops from advancing and allow him to keep his distance from them. Only two doors can be closed at a time. The thief can dodge the police by running through the open side doors. When he exits through one side, he quickly enters on the other side. The Super D cops are called Stiffy, Scaredy, Smarty and Silly”.

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