What an incredible amount of Amiga news we’ve had this month, from the in-development game of Scramble, to the latest updates of the upcoming Robocop AGA. Well here we are with another Amiga news story, as we’ve just been told that Pixelglass and the team behind ‘Worthy’ in cooperation with BitBeamCannon and Enable Software, have released some brand new work in progress footage of the eagerly awaited ‘Metro Siege’; a mind blowing new Amiga 500 brawler that’s coming to an Amiga near you in the near future.

This upcoming game has been featured a number of times on our site, and I still think will be a hit on the Amiga especially, as not only does it look amazing, but it will feature 2 player co-op against multiple enemy types across many different themed areas, background and foreground parallax, over 60 colours on screen, multiple combo moves, and all this hopefully working on the Amiga 500 and optimized for 1mb Amiga 500 ((512k chip+512 other ram).

Links :1) PixelGlass 2) BitBeam Cannon

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