The 1980’s Game and Watch Handheld throw backs just keep on coming, especially with a multitude of games released harking back to that great era with games such as Donkey Kong Jr Game and Watch, Parachute, Fire, Baby Monkey Alba, and yes even Hayesmaker’s rather cool Mario’s Cement Factory for the C64! Well todays news is pretty special for the ZX Spectrum 48k community, as thanks to yet another heads up by Saberman, he has told us that Menyiques has released the Game & Watch game of Mickey and Donald: A Multi Screen Game & Watch video game originally released in 1982 by Nintendo.

Mickey & Donald is a Multi Screen Game & Watch video game released in 1982 by Nintendo. It stars the two Disney characters Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. The game’s model number is DM-53 (D standing for Donald and M standing for Mickey). The second release of the game didn’t include the leaflet explaining to the player how to control the game. In the game, you’ll control both of the characters whose goals are to extinguish fires. – nintendo.fandom


  • * Paco Gómez (Fransoul’s) made the beautiful  sprites (and tested a lot the game). Thanks!
  • * The music was taken from Beepola samples by ccowly. Thanks!
  • * Compiled with the wonderful Boriel Compiler by Jose Rodriguez. Thank you!
  • * Javi Ortiz for the diffusion and publicity, and for all the work of supporting the ZX Spectrum scene.

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