I’m sure many of you remember Street Fighter, a game which originally appeared on the Arcades, and was then ported to pretty much every system you could think of, including such systems as the Amiga, Atari St and even the ZX Spectrum.  Well fast forward to today however and do we have some truly stonking news for you fine folks! As thanks to the hard work of Amstrad GGP, at some point in the near future we’ll be able to play ‘Mighty Street Fighter’; A rather unique looking version of Street Fighter which looks to be using a similar character design to that of the chibi art style NES game of ‘Mighty Final Fight’ which was released in 1993.

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While I’m not sure of a release date for Mighty Street Fighter for the Amstrad CPC 128k, from what we know so far, is the game will have eight playable characters such as those from the original game Ryu, and Guile, have multiple stages, a multitude of fighting styles to use and yes even “hadouken”. And that’s all we know so far, but for further details hit the tweet linked (HERE).

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