Unlock the potential of your Sega console with mikeyeldey95.

Relive the experience of 90s computing and the early Internet in this all-new game for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. The ROM file is available for free below for all to enjoy.

This is where the ROM file will be available for free download on June 24 2022: https://mikeyeldey.itch.io/mikeyeldey95

The soundtrack is available on all streaming services. Unlike my first Sega game where I adapted an existing piece of music to the hardware, the music for mikeyeldey95 was composed for the console outright.

The ROM file should work on any Sega Genesis emulator on PC, mobile, or where ever you enjoy retro gaming. It is compatible on both NTSC and PAL systems. The soundtrack will be available on all streaming services on the release date as well.


  • Over 20 original mikeyeldey songs
  • Desktop user interface and Start Menu application launcher
  • 5 Minigames:
    • 3D Maze – A familiar classic comes to the Sega Genesis.
    • Ambulance – Arcade traffic weaving game. Ring the siren and floor the gas pedal for double points!
    • FlappyMike – Carefully steer the propeller-beanie through the pipes.
    • Hacky Sack – How long can you keep it bouncing?
    • Reflex – Be fast on the buttons as music speeds up.
  • 7 Visualizers, including bouncing cards and flying toasters
  • Customize your experience with selectable desktop wallpapers and colour palettes
  • Interactive Internet browser and email inbox simulator
  • ME-DOS Mode, featuring 8-bit PSG chip bonus tracks
This page on Bandcamp is where cartridges and a CD of the soundtrack can be purchased: https://mikeyeldey.bandcamp.com/



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