Years ago, ID software came out with what was considered to be the game changer with the Doom franchise.  The object of the first person shooter was simple, survive the depths of hell while destroying demons, skeletons and other painful monsters.  The series was one of the most popular franchises for a very long time.

Now, years later, Calavera Studio created their own rendition of the classic game now in 2-D platform mode that follows the 8-bit and 16-bit platform but with crisper graphics with Mini Doom II.  The general premise of the game is  about the same.  On the planet Mars the gates of hell are opened once again to be stopped by one marine.

All of the weapon chaos of shotguns, lasers, flame throwers and especially the chainsaw are there.  This game is downright a bloody good time.  And it is rated Teen.

But here is the best part…     IT’S FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Check out the trailer:


Head on over to 

The game is only available in PC format, but it is well worth it.



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