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Wonder Boy has been mentioned countless times on Indie Retro News, from the latest Amiga Arcade like release of Wonder Boy on the Amiga, to the more modern spiritual successor of Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. Well here with another Wonder Boy story, as we have been informed that Samuel Blanchard is working¬†an unofficial Wonder Boy sequel for the¬†Atari 520 ST called ‘Miracle Boy in Dragon Land’. In light of this news, we also have a new screenshot and video to show you from this very early work in progress game.

While there is a limited amount of details about the game, just a small description via Facebook saying “An Atari 520 ST game, made with love in 68000 assembler. A japonese RPG, a Wonder Boy sequel and Proust’s madeleine”. what we can tell you at least, is if you visit the Facebook page linked below, you can watch some more videos, see how development progresses through the months ahead, and even check out an early demo.

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