Charlestown, IN – May 17, 2023 – Indie game developer Mommy’s Best Games (MBG) is proud to announce they have reached an agreement with Occidental Designs (OD) to purchase the entire back catalog of classic video game IP from the arcade developer and manufacturer.

Bumpy Grumpy, the obscure cult classic arcade racer released by Occidental Designs in 1983, is the first classic title to be ported by Mommy’s Best Games.

MBG President Nathan Fouts said “I was hooked ever since I played Bumpy Grumpy in a smoky Pizza Hut in St Louis, on a school field trip to see the Arch. The controls were perfect, the speed intense, and the collision didn’t feel cheap like other games at the time. I knew we had to bring it back.”

Mommy’s Best Games is bringing Bumpy Grumpy first to PC, with other consoles to be announced. Players can wishlist Bumpy Grumpy now on Steam.

Key Features

  • Arcade perfect controls.

  • Evade wacky drivers like Tail Gator, Speed Demon, and Sundae Driver.

  • Grab powerups like the Chain Mace, Spike Plow, and Turbo Gas!

  • Collect letters and spell “BUMPY” for an extra bit of pep!

  • 12 unique areas, each with their own crazy enemy driver!

  • 3 Different endings: Make sure to find your lost papers for the best ending!

  • Global Leaderboards: Go for the high score and show everyone online!

  • Optional widescreen mode has been added to this exclusive version!

  • MAME ready: Controls already mapped, drop it into your arcade cabinet tonight!

  • The original bezel, marquee, and side cabinet artwork.

  • Modern accessibility options: change the gameplay speed, lives, and scoring.

  • Optional CRT effect for classic arcade visuals

MBG’s Fouts commented “Occidental Designs may not be the first arcade company gamers think of, or even the second. Possibly not even the third. But they made great games that deserve a second chance with modern players.”

Additional Information

About Occidental Designs

Occidental Designs, founded in 1979, had a rocky start but continued to turn out arcade classics during the ‘80s and ‘90s. Being the only game company endorsed by both Milli Vanilli and Orson Welles, OD developed an underground following. Their breakout hit Bumpy Grumpy garnered fame with players, but also drew fire from PADD (Parents Against Dangerous Driving).

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