Both of these outstanding achievements were done in the Galaga Group.

Mark Schult Single ship broke the world record on Points (Marathon – No double ship) – Arcade, 1,216,540 approved by Twin Galaxies. Single ship is extremely challenging due to the fact that your never allowed to double up in the game. This automatically creates a more chaotic environment witch forces the player to make more quick and creative decisions.

Jacob Upland Micro 31 score- 477,040 Micro 31 is a short game where you try to achieve the highest score by stage 31. It was created for head to head competition during live and online tournaments. Due to the track being so short, there is a lot more pressure to take risks in Micro 31 that you would normally not care about. This helps create more excitement when players are often risking everything for a possible few more points then there opponents.

The Micro 31 track and name was conceived by Phil Day, Tanya Lowe, John McNeil, and Dwayne Richard for the first Gala-Gala – an internationally Galaga Tournament between the northern and southern hemispheres where teams compete for the perpetual trophy – The Hemisphere Shield. The first Galag-Gala was held in 2019. The Southern Hemisphere currently holds the Hemisphere Shield.





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