You have only 5 days left to get your chance to be a part of a great idea.  Kickstarter has always been known for creating original and outstanding ideas.  This is no exception.  The game is called Multirotor.  It is an 8-Bit style game that will be available in several formats if funded.  Here are some of the details about the game.  It lets you fly a drone from above while avoiding objects, beating bosses, and finding hidden content. Classic DonkeyKong | Pokemon feel and vibes.

How many bosses are there?

The games is “Pokemon style” open world, within the world there are 8 bosses In the main story. However there are also 2 hidden boss stages + 1 impossible boss = 11 bosses! There are also several non boss mini stages. The non-bosses are more so for character development and story line.

So where does the game stand today? 

It is still in development. Which is why I can offer cool things like paying to put yourself in the game. However, just because you are in the game does not mean your character wont get killed or be made fun of. Afterall it is just a game

What are the game mechanics?

Explore a world on foot, Fly drones in a vertical-scroller. As the player you have to dodge, flip over, and dip around obstacles. That is not the only thing though. The drone community has a great deal of camaraderie, drama, and inside jokes. I have done my best to add parody to the game through its hilarious story line.


There are versions available of the game for Windows, Mac OS and also the arcade model that will be available if funded.

Keep in mind that Old School Gamer Magazine loves to talk about the retro world.  However, when someone creates something that will have the style of an 8-Bit game or be available for older systems, we will pay attention.

For more information about Multirotor: Visit


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