Since the start of the mess and chaos of Mutant Football League, football has never been the same on any home console system ever again. People are still playing it to the day and trying to pass the time of the crazy pandemic. But there are some people that are actually asking the question main question, what is the story with the players?

Now, available on Kickstarter is Mutant Football League the Comic Book.



MFL Super Fan Christian Howard and Independent Comics Pioneer Tim Tyler (Blood Reign, Devil Jack, Dreadstar, Razor, Faust, Hades, Fiends Bolt Action) and Rat House Comics bring you the First premiere issue of Mutant Football League. This full color, Magazine style Monster is packed with all the things you love about the Classic game as well as new, not yet seen aspects of the MFL Universe.






About the creator: My name is Tim Tyler. I am a Joe Kubert student and a 37+ year veteran of the Independent Comics Market. I have worked for companies such as First Comics, Comico, Rebel, London Night Studios, Northstar, Fathom Press, Doom Theater and Shadow Planet. I have been featured and or worked on titles such as Faust, Razor, Fangoria, Playboy, Blood Reign, Devil-Jack, Dreadstar as well as many others. I have done work for SRS Cinema as a package artist where I created box art for re-released classic Horror films like Wizard of Gore, Blood Feast, Truth or Dare and the Deadly Spawn and many others. I’ve created Album and CD art for bands like Datura and Morpheus Descends. I have 12 successful kick campaigns under my belt and hope to have many more in the coming years.




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