Hi everyone.  I just wanted to put out there my new YouTube Channel I created. I am really in the beginning stages of creating something and do not know where it will take me but after a month or so of having the channel I have over 230 subscribers and over 100,000 views. My videos ranges from 1:00 Minute shorts of random gaming videos, to Acceptance speeches from the International Video Game Hall of Fame. I have posted NES gameplay that I record, demos of mini arcade games I have in collection, and random manuals  and other gaming artifacts I own.  Eventually I will add to the Podcast portion the the channel, unboxing videos and ill post Gaming conference videos of expos I have attended. Thanks for your support if you have subscribed already and if you have not, please do.  You may find some fun and exciting content now or in the future.

To see my channel and subscribe ,  click here.

Todd’s YouTube Page


Todd Friedman Todd Friedman (375 Posts)

Todd Friedman is currently a writer for Old School Gamer Magazine and the Walter Day Trading Card Collection. He is the author of 2 books and has co-promoted the Video Game Summit for the last 15 years. Todd is also a board member of the International Video Game Hall of Fame.