In some form you have enjoyed Old School Gamer Magazine by signing up as recently as this summer or as far back as 4-5 years ago.  In that time we have published 29 issues and are due to send #30 to press within the month.  Over 25,000 retro gamers receive it every month with around 3% of you helping us pay the bills to publish it.

Starting in November, for our 5th year we want to expand the magazine from it’s average of 48 pages to 72, go to a more beautiful finish and add a ton more content for you to enjoy both in the magazine and on our website, OldSchoolGamer.Com.  To do that and do it right we need to bring together $30,000.

Our Kickstarter that we are using to do this fund raising has LAUNCHED at

We at Old School Gamer would love for you to spread the word in your own way or use something like this in posts all over social media!

Old School Gamer is upgrading big time and you can jump on it by checking out  The subscriptions will be $20 digital and $50 physical and the magazine will be growing tremendously in size and with new columns by Chris Tang, G To The Next Level, Retro Ralph, The Retro Game Hunter, Brian Hall of Argon and more.

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