Old School Gamer Magazine Mega Cat Studios’ Nathan Wilson, who discusses the inspiration behind Log Jammers, the retro, couch-co-op fun-fest and their current Kickstarter campaign, which will cover the cost of porting and console certification for Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Already available on NES and PC, it’s a throwback Gem that can be enjoyed by anyone.

About Log Jammers:

Log Jammers is a competitive, arcade sports game featuring ax-throwing, blade-catching action with a retro vibe in the vein of Windjammers. Unique character abilities, funky arenas, and trash-talking timber beasts will keep you chopping!  NES & PC are ready for play!

Head to their Kickstarter Here.

Old School Gamer Magazine: How was this game born?

Nathan Wilson: We wanted to make a fast, competitive, high skill multiplayer game that emphasized speed and reaction time.  

Old School Gamer Magazine: What was development like?

Wilson: Development was a straightforward experience. For a game that depends a lot on ‘feeling right’ to be enjoyable, there was a ton of playtesting and iteration on elements from balance (character speed, axe speed) to visual effects.

Old School Gamer Magazine: What makes this game special?

Wilson: With a strong personality and aesthetic, Log Jammers brings a very high-speed approach on this type of arcade game. Further, Twitch and Mixer integrations enable fresh and modern gameplay elements.

Old School Gamer Magazine: How does the sound play a role in the game?

Wilson: The sound effects are very similar to classic arcade game sounds with some retro console flair. This helps give the game an old-school arcade feel.

Old School Gamer Magazine: What games influenced this one the most?

Wilson: Definitely Wind Jammers. We really enjoyed the core concepts of the game, and gave them the Mega Cat remake – both in aesthetic and gameplay.

Old School Gamer Magazine: Any fun stories or wild moments during development?

Wilson: The most fun times were getting to play against a lot of people, like some streamers, through online multiplayer. As a dev, it’s really fun to face off against the people who play your game!

Old School Gamer Magazine: Do you think preserving older gameplay mechanics in new games is important?

Wilson: Definitely. Some older gameplay mechanics are not so great, but the old games with the best design really highlight what makes ‘good’ game mechanics ‘good’. Gameplay mechanics for such old games had to be intuitive so they could be picked up easily by players new or experienced, without much outside information available to help them. Additionally, the mechanics had to be very efficient to implement since it would be running on such limited spec hardware. This includes requiring as few art/sound assets as possible, and potentially reusing those assets effectively. Restrictions breed creativity, and so creative solutions can be seen everywhere in old game design as a result of the restrictions.

Old School Gamer Magazine: 
Who will enjoy this game the most?

Wilson: Anyone who likes fast-paced couch co-op gameplay. 

Old School Gamer Magazine: Bottom Line, why must someone play this game?

Wilson: This game provides a fast and engaging 2-player experience which rewards reaction time and finesse more than anything. You couldn’t really ask for a better game to play for 30 minutes if you have a friend over.

Old School Gamer Magazine: How do you want this game to be remembered?

Wilson: Log Jammers represents a part of the way we at Mega Cat Studios design our games, and I want that to be noticed. A lot of our games which are available on both a retro console and PC specifically take concepts that people are already familiar with and flip it on its head in a number of ways. Some of our games are entirely original concepts, but Log Jammers is in the category of us taking a familiar gameplay loop and going crazy with it. I would also like Log Jammers to be remembered as a modern take on Wind Jammers cranked up to 11 in both gameplay and style.

Old School Gamer Magazine: What’s next?

Wilson: I’m working on a tactical RPG next, which is about as opposite as you can get from Log Jammers!

Old School Gamer Magazine: Anything else you’d like to add?

Wilson: I really hope people enjoy Log Jammers, especially the online multiplayer mode!  It’s been so much fun seeing it set up at events the last year, and I think it’s a genre that’s best experienced, since tight gameplay is so important to it.  


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