Super Mario fans who are currently waiting for their first look at Chris Pratt as the iconic plumber in the upcoming film from Minions production house Illumination, you might be waiting a while for the trailer. But you can at least pass the time with a new realistic game featuring a realistic take on Pratt as Mario in a recreation of the very first Super Mario game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. One fan has been hard at work recreating a few early levels from the original game in Unreal Engine, with players taking control of a realistic version of Mario with the likeness of Chris Pratt.

The trailer below showcases the increased difficulty in the physics engine, as well as the ridiculous interpretation of power-ups in the game. Watch the Super Mario Remake trailer right now and bask in the absurdity that is claimed to be a “realistic” take on the legendary video game.

While it remains to be seen if Nintendo themselves will provide a video game adaptation along these lines for the upcoming Super Mario movie, or if the film will take a drastically different approach to the popular video game character that has been around for decades on multiple consoles, it is clear that there is a strong demand for the project. The animating team at Illumination Entertainment has crafted hit after hit over the last couple decades, including franchises like Despicable Me, Minions, The Secret Lives of Pets, and Sing.

The video game character of Mario has had one singular voice actor for the last 20 years, with Charles Martinet giving life to popular catchphrases such as “WAHOO!” and “HERE WE GO!” But now that Chris Pratt is taking over the character, it’s hard to imagine someone else playing the plumber.

But executive producer Chris Meledandri has expressed confidence in Pratt’s portrayal. He recently spoke with Variety and backed up the casting decision.


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