Way back in 1986 Sega released one of the greatest racers of our time, it just had to be Out Run. An Arcade racer designed by Yu Suzuki, that was not only a commercial success but became one of the best selling games of it’s time. It had incredible graphics, fantastic music and fast paced track racing that really pushed you to the edge of your seat. Thankfully other people remember this fantastic game, as we’ve recently been contacted by Saberman, that¬†Kjmann has shown a¬†technical demonstration of what Outrun could look like running on the Atari XL/XE

Already you can tell that this is a pretty good demonstration, as not only is it super smooth, but the music is decent and the graphics are not half bad. It’s just a shame that according to some even though it does look promising and could become a great game, unfortunately from the thread on atariage it sounds like the programmer left the development cycle as it would still be a very tough project to take on.

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