In 1986 Sega released one of the greatest racers of our time, it just had to be Out Run. An Arcade racer designed by Yu Suzuki, that was not only a commercial success, but became one of the best selling games of its time. A game that featured incredible graphics, fantastic music and fast paced track racing. Thankfully other people remember this Arcade classic, as we’ve recently found out through the EAB forums, that agermose is still working on Outrun AGA: A vastly superior version of an Arcade classic, that some how ended up being (as one person puts it) “one of the nastiest Amiga arcade ports”.

Here’s what agermose had to say about the game when the first announcement was made in 2021 and the more recent post in 2024. “Back in January of 2021, DJ Metune shared a picture of an icy road, which sparked off a conversation in the 1942 dev team about driving games on the Amiga, and how bad the Amiga Outrun conversion was. Since then we have been looking into converting Outrun, and the announcement of the project. The conversion will be for AGA machines only. An OCS version may happen later if the AGA versions is successful, and we believe in delivering something playable on OCS. The team is the same as 1942, myself coding, Nightshft on assets/misc, and DJ METUNE on music”.

“Running on WinUAE Amiga1200 chip mem only, no accelerators. WinUAE overestimates the CPU a bit. The number at the top is the framerate indicator. The number at the bottom right is the gear indicator. The game is playable, but no traffic yet as can be seen from the video. Only stage 1 has sprites and correct background gfx. Colours are washed out on Youtube. The clouds have 3 colours. There are still loads of challenges to overcome, and glitches to fix, but I will get there eventually. Don’t expect a release anytime soon”.

And that’s all we have on this game, but for further information make sure to check out the EAB forums linked (HERE).

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