We’ve featured the 1984 Boulder Dash game many times now, from the release of Boulder Dash Junior II The Final Dig, to Boulder Dash Senior and even the more recent version on the VIC20. But now as something slightly different, we’ve just found out by Saberman, that┬áVancouver has recovered what could well be the daddy of Boulder Dash games. A game that was lost and recovered and uploaded to AtariMania as Pit-Fall from 1982. To coincide with this news, Saberman was also kind enough to do a video showing the Atari XL/XE game being played.

Here is what the website says about the game “This game was first shown by author Chris Gray to Electronic Playworld, which had Inhome Software as its publishing arm. The Canadian software house was interested in the project but requested a number of changes to fully consider the product. At that time, Peter Liepa was looking for concepts he could program and also approached Inhome Software. This led to both Gray and Liepa working together to create the seminal Boulder Dash released by First Star Software. Many thanks to Canadian user Vancouver for dumping this program!”

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