We are wicked excited to announce an ambitious new project to breathe new life into the iconic Atari 2600 game Pitfall! with a full modern remaster. “Pitfall! Remastered” will update the 1982 classic with cutting-edge 8K photorealistic graphics, redesigned levels, an all-new orchestral soundtrack, and brand-new gameplay modes.

“We felt it was time to reimagine this seminal treasure hunting adventure for a new generation of gamers,” stated Hit Save! Executive Director Jonas Rosland. “The 8K visuals will be so lifelike you’ll feel like you’re really trapped in those jungle vine mazes. Pitfall Harry has never looked so realistic!”

Key features of Pitfall! Remastered include:

– Photorealistic 8K graphics at 120fps with real-time ray tracing (and guns)
– All 28 original levels rebuilt from the ground up with modern designs
– Pitfall Harry now voiced by AI celebrity talent (artisanally handcrafted by ChatGPT6)
– Remixed orchestral soundtrack recorded by a 70-piece ensemble
– Brand new Battle Royale multiplayer mode supporting up to 100 players
– Compatible with all next-gen accessories and peripherals
– Extremely limited “Cartridge Edition” releasing for authentic Atari 2600 hardware

“This isn’t just a remaster, it’s a total re-envisioning that will innovate the classic Pitfall! gameplay for the modern era,” added Hit Save! Director of Communications Amanda Farough. “The Pitfall! franchise deserves this incredible care and attention.”

Development and release date

Pitfall! Remastered is currently in development using the most developer-friendly game engine, Unity. It is scheduled for multi-platform release across consoles, PC, mobile, and Amazon Luna in Q4 2024. The authentic 2600 “Cartridge Edition” will be limited to 5,000 units at $499 each.


Article provided by Hit-Save – https://hitsave.org/


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