The last five races have been grueling, but you’ve finally made it to the final track in the “Grand Circuit Tour.” The crowds in the stands are loud, but the sound they make is nothing compared to the roar of the F1 cars that will be lined up at the track as they make their way to 1st place glory. Over the PA system, you hear the announcement for all racers to get to their vehicles and start their engines. As you begin to make your way to your car, Johnny, from your pit crew, hands you your helmet and gives you a thumbs up.

Johnny joins you on your walk to your vehicle as he gives you a final piece of advice. “Remember to watch your fuel levels and the condition of your tires! The hairpin turns on the track are murder on tires, so if you need to make a pitstop for repairs, don’t second guess yourself. We can’t help you if you blow a tire out in the middle of the road.”

“Thanks, Johnny, but the only person who is going to be blown out of this race is my rival,” you say as your strap on your helmet.

It’s time to start your engines…

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