It was all the way back in April that I first reported on a GIF of a mysteriously silhouetted shape that resembled a SNES controller, including cartridge and all – and since then, the Evercade has been revealed along with a host of big-name publishers. The game library is quite impressive really, considering the console hasn’t even been released yet.

Well, finally, pre-orders will be available to snatch up on the 6th of September for a planned release of the 20th of March, 2020. Not only will there be the highly publicised white version, but Funstock has also announced that they will be the exclusive distributor of a black Evercade. They have also revealed the bundles that one can purchase, with both colours fetching the same amount of your chosen currency.

At the base level, £59.99 will net you the “Standard Edition/Starter Pack” which includes the white console and Namco Museum Collection 1, which includes 11-games such as Dig Dug, Mappy and Pac Man. The next level up is the “Premium Edition” for £79.99 which includes either the white or black Evercade as well as Namco Museum 1, Atari Collection 1 and Interplay Collection 1.

Lastly, there is the “ALL-IN Edition” for £149.99 that quite literally includes every game cartridge announced so far. There are nine in total, that along with what’s included in the previous editions also pack-in cartridges by Data East, Mega Cat Studios and Piko Interactive (who have been added as a publisher since I last reported on the Evercade). All in all, 115 games will be playable and as an additional bonus, they will throw in a free carry case – which I’m sure is always a crowd-pleaser.

All of this and the last time I wrote about the Evercade in early July, photos of the real-deal didn’t even exist yet – only renders. Well, I’m happy to report that with a matter of days left until the pre-orders start, there are plenty of photos about proving that it is, in fact, quite real – although, not like anyone was truly doubting that.

And not only do we have photos, but also glorious 4K video! Check out the new trailer below, and if you’re keen to pre-order, bookmark Funstock and save it for the 6th. Otherwise, distribution has been announced for Argos, Amazon and Game in the UK, as well as Amazon in the States.

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