There are a handful of games in history that were ahead of their time technically and graphically. Titles like Doom, Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda, and Pong are just a small sample of games that broke barriers of gameplay. Myst, in my opinion, is one of those games. Not only did it amaze people with its beautiful landscape and visionary graphics, but the gameplay and puzzle-like strategies made this game super addicting, with hours of fun for all different genres of gamers. Myst, released to the public in 1993, was developed by Cyan, Inc. and designed by Robyn and Rand Miller. The original game was only released on the PC engine for the Macintosh, but soon after that would take off on dozens of home consoles, such as PlayStation, Jaguar CD, Nintendo 3DS and Panasonic 3DO to name a few. It was the Macintosh that got people talking with its realistic environment, music, and challenging puzzles. This was a game that not many people experienced on any platform, which drew more and more people to the product. It was the best-selling PC game during its first year of release.

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