Last week on Indie Retro News we gave you the heads up about a new alpha demo of ‘Rastan’ that was made available by┬ábasementApe for the Commodore Amiga. Well fast forward to today and if you’re hoping for some new updates in regards to this Arcade development using Earok’s excellent scorpion engine, then we have been told a new alpha demo has been made available. A demo which hopes to fix some of the bugs highlighted in Saberman’s previous game video which showed an early build of the game in action.

As ever here’s what MobyGames says about Rastan : “Rastan features five levels of hacking and slashing gameplay with a boss at the end of each level. Numerous enemies assault you on your journey such as flying demons, chimeras, valkyries, piranhas, undead and more. Fight through to the end and save the land of Lograth from certain doom. The game features different weapons such as axes, maces and fire swords, each with its own attributes like extended range or attack power. Armour can also be picked up in the forms of shields, cloaks and armour, reducing the damage from enemy attacks. Other items include rings (increase the speed of your weapon) and jewelry for bonus points”.

Credits :

  • Remastered & new graphics: basementApe
  • Music: JMD
  • Code, audio & additional music: basementApe

Fixes :

  • – Fixed: Jumping, swinging and then trying to do a downwards plunge mid-swing would glitch out the animation big-time.
  • – Grabbing onto ropes while doing a downwards plunge would cause Rastan’s legs to think they were crouching and not climbing.
  • – The flying demon’s legs would transplant themselves onto a different monster if his upper body went off-screen while the legs stayed in view.
  • – Fixed some enemies spawning in above ground if the player was still in mid-air at the time.
  • – A couple of bugfixes and tweaks for the lizardman and bat AI’s.
  • – The HD version had issues with music and sfx playback on 68040 processors. Fixed with the latest Scorpion update.
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