Today we live in a modern gaming world with an incredible array of interactive experiences for every game player. However, it is not hard to once in a while look at the simpler days where players engaged the retro games that turned us into healthy game addicts at the time. These games made many people love playing games that they even enjoy playing at a casino today. With the onset and growth of casinos such as RapidCasino, game fanatics can now engage in a wide range of games.

Did you know the N64 has been around for the last 25 years? The Japanese game was among the best Mario games at release, which was June 1996. Below are the top retro games to play and remind yourself of the good old days.

Super Mario Bros. 3

This game was released in the 90s and was an absolute cracker. Most players fell in love with the overworld map, the wide range of suits Mario could put on, and even the item storage. The game has over 18 million units sold worldwide, making it among the best commercially successful games. The hype around the game was so massive that the company made an action movie to advertise the game known as The Wizard.

Platforming action in this game is out of this world, with several changes incorporated to have the standard series fare. You can now fly and pick Koopa shells to use them as weapons. Super Mario Bros. 3 also has new enemy types like boos, chain chomps, flying goombas, and dry bones. Its controls are pretty responsive and tight, which makes the adventures even more lively.


At times, all you need is several shapes for you to curate fascinating franchises in the world. Tetris is among the old games that you ought to try if you have never played the game. It has been in existence for over 35 years. However, Tetris has undergone several incarnations since its initiation. A recent definitive edition is doing rounds that connect to the PC and Xbox One.

The recent adjustments give players a self-discovery and full of emotional experience. Categorically the game is alluring both to listen to and look at. It incorporates lovely harmony between the sights, sound, and gameplay. Tetris has stunning graphics and fantastic visuals to offer players a magical experience. Every level of the game is deep and immersive but never interferes with the puzzle escapades.

Super Mario Kart

Are you a racing enthusiast? Then this classic gem is for you. Super Mario Kart is a kart racing game that was initiated in 1992 by Mario. All you have to do is race for the checkered flag via various cartoonish landscapes in this game. Mario universe inspired these fascinating landscapes found in the game. Pick a character from the eight Mario mascots, including Princess Peach, Mario’s brother, Toad, Luigi, King Bowser Koopa, the grand, Yoshi, Koopa Troopa, and Donkey Kong Jr.

From there, you have to select your ideal engine speed from the available options (50, 100, or 150cc). Strive to finish first and grab the most points as the points decrease as the numbers progress on from the first position.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

It is a 1992 classic, and similar to other retro games, Sonic’s adventure was emulated to every mobile device and console in the world either as a themed compilation or individually. Versions of the game are available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PCs, Amazon TV boxes, Apple, and other Nintendo devices.

Evil Dr Robotnik returns to wreak havoc and prove that you can never silence a phenomenal but mad scientist. He looks to destroy everything good and hunt down Chaos Emeralds to power the Death Egg. Sonic saves the day together with his new friend Miles “Tails” Prowers, the twin-tailed fox. A program is in place to make Tails assume the role of a younger brother to Sonic.

He follows Sonic closely and mimics all that Sonic does. Even though pretty cute, Tails has no considerable impact or significance in the game as he does nothing memorable except for the toyetic synergy. Tails were in the game to have a two-player option that allows a second player to play.

By the time Sonic crosses the checkpoint signpost, he should have collected 50 rings. The rings help generate a spinning star of portals that allow players to teleport to another particular stage – faux-3D luge track. Every player must exceed the thresholds by collecting these rings in specific patterns while avoiding bombs to get an emerald. Playing as a pair is influential because, as a team, you will collect as many rings as possible.

Parting Shot

Retro games have always been a thriller to many players. Even though there are new games in the industry, these old gems are still tremendous and provide players with an opportunity to experience the thrill and enthusiasm of the old games.

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