Coming February 25th, 2022 Retro racers Moto Roader will be available on XBOX, PS5, PS4 & Nintendo Switch. This 2D 16-bit looking race car game reminds me of the old arcade game Off-Road. The rules are simple, get to the finish line first before your opponents to win the race. While racing around the track you can pickup special items and hit a turbo boost icon to get a jump on the opponents. I played this game on the Nintendo Switch and the driving mechanics were very smooth. It does take a little practice to get the hang of controlling your car, but once you have mastered that, you can race to victory. The joy-cons are a good touch to the game as you can really use the analog stick to your advantage.

There are many game modes to choose from in singe player mode. You can do a single race or time attack. Check records as well as design your own courses. I loved the variety of courses and the detail to each track and obstacles involved in that track. Some of my favorite courses are Nature and City. Not only are there multiple tracks but you can choose from a variety of cars and characters. Trying to find the right one can take some practice and experience. The Nintendo Switch version of this game allows you to play up to 5 players locally. The other platforms you can do 4.  I had a great time playing this game with the family and the fun factor seemed to be for any age, child and adult.

Features: Classic legacy title – Choose from multiple cars and drivers- Numerous race tracks – Multiple game modes including bumper car challenges – Up to 4 player (up to 5 on Switch) local coop

I love how Ratalaika Games made this unique looking driving game look and feel like the old retro days, yet giving the modern console players the ability to try something new. The sound in the game is perfected by giving you all the noises involved in the race such as the engine, brakes and weapon noises.It really feels like your playing a modern racing game from overhead. I think this game will be a big hit for anyone who wants to just sit back and play a driving game without all the advertisers, story modes and other distractions.

About Ratalaika Games:

Ratalaika Games S.L. is a game development company focused on 2D games, visual novels, and the console market. We are porting & publishing games to consoles from XBOX to PS5, PS4 & Nintendo Switch.




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