Retromags is an online database and community that preserves retro magazines and makes them available to the public. This project is a non-for profit and is funded by the gamers.

Retromags is a 100% community supported site and project, what means they rely on their members to assist with getting things done around this site. Retromags also may ask for donations from time to time to assist in paying for the daily costs of running such a cool project.

As the Retromags collection grows, it is becoming increasingly harder for them to get backups of the site. Right now, the entire Retromags site is about 140GB in size, and that is just too much to back up over a residential ISP. They have the option to snapshot Retromags, but you guessed it; that is an additional cost. To just snapshot Retromags once per month is $0.25 per gig. That means if they snapshot just once per month, it will cost us $35 each time, or $420 per year.

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