Let me start this review by saying I forgot how much I really hated the Teenage Mutant Turtles game for the Nintendo until I started to review this product. Also, I would like to say how much I forgot how much I hated Super Mario 3. Now before we start to get letters, let me explain. I loved the game very much, it’s just that for some reason it is the only Mario game that I couldn’t finish on the NES. It’s a bitter hate. That being said, here is the review….

So a few years back, I did the stupid thing of selling my NES. The wife has kept reminding me of how much of an idiot I was for doing that. But I digress. And I tried extremely hard to get one of the Classic NES systems. I should have learned from previous system purchase experiences, you either pre order it, or get your butt in line to wait until midnight. Disclaimer, I have had my share of campouts.

I was very excited to review a Nintendo clone to try to get back to my old roots. The Retro-Bit +, is another addition to the lineup of clones that has been sold ever since the patent window was opened for outside companies. And this is a great addition to the list. But what is it that makes it different from the other systems? Let’s start with the compatibility.

Similar to other systems, the Retro-Bit + has your standard AV ports for left/ right audio and the regular yellow video cable. Man I missed those days. But in addition to this output, there is now a 720P HDMII® output. And this is a great way to project the classics. Now they do say that the graphics are crisp 720p reso- lution. But I guess when it has been so long since I have played the games, I guess I really can’t tell. However, the original games were always played on a 4:3 screen which really brings back memories. But when you decide to play it on a 65” tv, it seems like it takes forever to get from one side of the screen to another. But in regards to the graphical difference, you can really tell the difference if you have the two put side by side.–

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