We’ve featured many different conversions on Indie Retro News from Mastertronic’s classic Amaurote over to the C64 as an isometric view point, to Allan Turvey’s brilliant Arcade to ZX Spectrum conversion of Joust. Well here we are with another great conversion, as if you remember playing Lock ‘n Chase back in the day, you may be interested to learn that not only was it converted over to the Atari 5200 in September, but as of just recently you can also play the Atari XL/XE conversion by Homesoft. In light of this news, Saberman has done a new video giving us a first look at the gameplay!

Lock and Chase was originally released back in 1981 as an arcade game and later ported over to the Intellivision, Atari VCS and Apple II with a homebrew 5200 version in September in this year. Although this is a Pac-Man clone, in this game however you must rob a Bank by collecting money around a maze like screen, while avoiding the Policeman Biff, Bull, Buzz and Pork-Chop. Doors will open and close that may help or hinder your progress, and big treasure bags give you an ever higher score.

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