I was just thinking to myself could this day get any better for the C64, and going by the latest update from Games That Weren’t, it just has! Welcome to a new side scrolling Shoot ’em up for the C64 called ‘Scramble Infinity’;  A game which not only features amazing graphics and coding by Mirage(link), but going by what we know so far from the C64 community, the game has finally been finished after disappearing off the face of the Earth way back in 2009 when development was supposed to have started.

Playing as a spaceship commander, you must fly through tight caves and over cities, while being attacked by launched rockets, ufo’s and other such bad guys without ending up having your ship blown into smithereens. What makes this game different compared to other Scramble games including the 1981 version by Konami at the Arcades. Is the game doesn’t just feature incredible C64 detail, but as some have said already “Great Game, great game Play In my mind, a Home Run” and “10/10 of course! Awesome job”.

So how do you go about playing this game? Well as of this moment it isn’t available for download but according to Games That Weren’t, the game has been released on the Zzap 2022 annual cover disk which was part of a yearly kickstarter viewed (HERE)

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