As we said before, while many of you have played Shadow Dancer on the Amiga, some of you felt while the game was fun, it was lacking in graphics, noting by many as having an Atari ST colour-palette and no Parallax. Well one such user is hoping to change that negative view, as msmalik681 has shown a project for a Mega Drive to Amiga port of Shadow Dancer using the Scorpion Engine. A new version of the game which the creator states “The megadrive version was the same game re-imagined and it was much better then the original arcade game. I played this game to death when I was younger and I loved it”.

While the creator has stated that he is hoping to release a playable demo in the near future, he’s the info about this classic game.¬† “Shadow Dancer is a side-scrolling hack-and-slash action game produced by Sega and originally released as an arcade game in 1989. It is the second and the final arcade game in the Shinobi series, following the original Shinobi itself. The player controls a ninja aided by an attack dog, who is fighting to save the city from a terrorist organization. Shadow Dancer was the first game developed for the Sega System 18 arcade board hardware and its generally well-received home versions were released for the Master System console and several home computer systems in 1991”.

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