For the past years, unknown how many to be exact, retro gaming has become a popular concept to not only to the gaming community, but to the manufacturers as well.  We have seen so many retro systems created by major companies as well as the everyday user too.  We look into the future to look into the past.

And there have even been companies and creators that have looked back at their past product and created something to work better with the times, or as you could call it a re-boot.  For example, we covered the Mutant League Football game from the Sega Genesis in the 16-bit era  and how it was transformed into a more current Blitz like game with new graphics, sound and more.  This ended up being a big success.  But sometimes, there are companies and creators that take the biggest risks to try this method.  For example:

Shaq-Fu, created for the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, was marked one of the worst games ever for the systems.  We won’t even talk about how bad the side scrolling game was.  All you need to know is Shaquille O’Neil had his name all over this.  It’s hard to say how bad it was without being censored.  Let’s put it this way, if Nintendo and Sega staked their stocks and reputation on this to save their company, there would be millions of copies of it buried as the neighbor next to E.T. The Extra Terrestrial for the Atari.  Yeah…..that bad.

But now, thanks to a fan base, we are here again to try to do it right.  Big Deez Productions, has done some long and hard discussions and sole searching and bring you Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn. But this time, they won’t be alone.  Now they will be adding the talents and skills from “industry professionals that come from legendary projects like HALOStreet Fighter, Final Fantasy, Alan Wake, Spec Ops: The Line, Battlefield, Killzone, Max Payne, Duke Nukem, and many other huge franchises.”

From Indiegogo, they did have a major goal.  “If we hit our base goal of $450k we will be releasing Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn on PS4, Wii U, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, in addition to the PC version!!”  They just clipped their $450,000 goal by a little over $8,000 in 2014, and now we are expecting a game this Spring… Wow, that was close!  Also reported last month, an April 3rd release will happen for the Nintendo Switch.

First impressions of the game are, ok pretty interesting.  The graphics of course are waaaay better.   Some of the moves are pretty cool.  But without a plot and actual gameplay, we all could be on the fence with this.



From their Indiegogo campaign, they described this game as “Shaq Fu is what the original game should have been – an instant classic.  We’re talking Streets of Rage meets Street Fighter meets Devil May Cry. It’s a modern day take on the classic beat ‘em up.  Play as Shaquille O’Neal – learn hundreds of moves and battle techniques, take on thousands of enemies with dozens of cool melee weapons, battle bosses in dynamic arenas, master cool finishing moves and play with your buddies in COOP mode or against each other in player vs player combat.”  That’s a lot to live up to.

But watching the campaign video for the game was pretty funny because everyone clearly mentions that the first game, well, sucked!  Even the creator of the first Shaq-Fu agrees and is thankful that a re-boot is happening and hopes it is done right the second time.  I’m guessing no balls will be bounced in this game either!  Maybe they could team up with the NBA Jam team and create a mini-game with it too.  But that’s not my territory.  And for $29, I don’t think we can get two games at time.  But still, that’s not a bad price for a campaigned game.

Stay tuned for more news and a review of another campaign started game.  For more information and for actual release date information, visit




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