Thinking about the CPU, monitor, and video card combo that you’re about to buy so your games appear right how you wanted them to, you can easily forget about the sound. And once you decide to buy an audio system, it can be difficult to choose between gaming headphones or a gaming headset. I also encountered the same challenge earlier this year. The question that most gamers ask is should they choose headphones plus a mic or a headset? I decided to go buy headphones and a mic because it matched my needs and requirements. However, both have their benefits and deciding which to buy depends on your needs and requirements. Below, I will share both the pros and cons of each to help you make the right choice.

Gaming headset

When you start analyzing gaming headsets, you will realize that they’re regular headphones with a mic. However, they also have benefits that regular headphones lack.  For example, they’re personally customized for gaming purposes. Also, they offer noise isolation, great sound quality, additional comfort, clear communication, and cool design.  They provide the ultimate gaming experience. However, choosing the right pair can be a daunting task. There are factors you need to consider when shopping for a gaming headset. They include sound quality, durability, comfort, and of course, cost.

Headphones plus a mic

This combo means buying traditional headphones with an external microphone. The mic could be added to your headphones for a better experience. Unlike gaming headsets, with headphones, you have to select for both a good mic and headphones. This can be overwhelming because mics come at different prices. And since gaming isn’t an individual game anymore, buying a microphone is almost mandatory to enable contact between you and other players. it will not only help you communicate with other gamers but also makes the ideal tool for live streaming or gaming commentaries.

The Difference Between a Gaming Headset and Headphones

Selecting between headphones plus a mic and a gaming set is a difficult decision. My comparison might help you determine which choice suits your gaming needs.

Purpose – If you’re a gamer, a gaming headset makes a perfect choice. It delivers more than regular headphones such as virtual surround sound. This feature is offered by most headsets.  However, if you’re also enjoying making and mixing music, and playing games, regular headphones with a mic will meet gaming and music needs and requirements.

Versatility – Gaming headsets are hard to resist due to their gaming-inspired looks. They’re great for gaming uses but you can’t use them for making or mixing music.  This means that if you’re a seasoned gamer, regular headphones will do the job. You can use them while traveling by plane or train or while recording music.  However, you can also opt for a gaming headset with a removable mic if you like gaming as much as you like music. Keep in mind that they’re not designed for public use.  As I already mentioned, most gaming headsets have out of this world design created to trap gamers into buying them. You might get strange looks from people on the streets.

Cost – If you’re not trying to save money, you can buy both headphones and a gaming headset. However, if you don’t want to break your bank account, choose only one. Again, which one you choose depends on your personal preferences. If you’re a passionate gamer, pick a gaming headset. Otherwise, buy headphones with a mic. Headsets will cost you less than headphones with a mic because you will have to buy the mic separately. Look around and find a gaming headset that is within your budget.

Sound quality – Overall, headphones with a mic make a better choice than a gaming set. If you prefer good sound quality instead of virtual sound, opt for headphones. Also, headsets come with awful microphones. If you decide to buy headphones, you will be able to buy a microphone for your choosing. I can tell you from experience that gaming headsets sound horrible when listening to music. They’re not made with music in mind.  However, if you’re a full-time gamer, a gaming headset makes a better option.  You probably need something that will transfer the virtual sounds perfectly and this is where headsets beat regular headphones.

Should I Buy Gaming Headset or Headphones? – If you usually play multiplayer games and need something only for gaming, buy a gaming headset? If you want to listen, mix or make music, opt for headphones with a mic. Mainstream headphones make the perfect choice for mixed-use since they provide the best audio quality.

Are Headphones Good for Gaming? – Gaming headsets can be described as regular headphones with a built-in mic. The microphone won’t be as good as the mic in regular headphones. However, it will be good enough to communicate with other players while gaming. Yes, headphones are good for gaming but they can’t beat gaming headsets at delivering virtual sounds. They’re perfect for music lovers and seasoned gamers.

Can Gaming Headsets be Used as Headphones? – You can use your gaming headset as headphones. Gaming headsets aren’t that different than traditional headphones. In fact, they’re headphones with a built-in microphone.

Can You Use Gaming Headphones to Listen to Music? – You can use your gaming headphones to listen to music. However, keep in mind that they might deliver a tiring sound. Also, the built-in microphone sounds awful. This means that answering calls can be a challenge. Gaming headphones are made with gaming in mind so they’re not the best choice for listening to music regularly.


That would be everything you need to know before determining what to buy. To wrap it up, buy a headset if you prefer multiplayer games and plan to use them for gaming purposes only. Buy mainstream headphones if you prefer sound quality and listening to music. They make a better choice for listening to music and answering calls. However, if you intend to use them for audio editing, buy studio headphones.

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