Another interesting news story for all of our Amiga readers , as we’ve recently found out through Saberman, that an anonymous developer is working on bringing the Polish point and click adventure game of ‘Sołtys’ over to the Commodore Amiga 1200. A game which was originally released by LK Avalon for MS-DOS on May 23, 1995. To coincide with this news, while we don’t know who is developing this game and when it will be released, Saberman has also provided some early footage below.

While details are lacking at this time, this is what the creator said about this upcoming Commodore Amiga adventure. “Gameplay was prepared and recorded by the game’s author, who wishes to remain anonymous for the duration of the game’s development and completion. Soltys is an adventure computer game published by the Polish studio LK Avalon. The title was released on 23 May 1995 exclusively for MS-DOS. Soltys has a big problem, his daughter is neither the most beautiful nor the smartest, she plays on the computer all day long and drinks beer”…. And that’s all we know so far!

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