Way back in 1984 Alligata Software released ‘Panic Planet’; a platformer with many similarities to load runner with your character digging holes and trapping enemies within. What sets this apart from Load Runner though is the fact that enemies can be pushed through so they fall and splatter on the platform below.  You are also limited by oxygen, the longer you take the worse your high score will be and the risk of death. Well if you remember those classic games including the original 1980’s Space Panic at the Arcades you’ll be pleased to know fitosoft and X3NoMoRPH has released the Load Runner/Panic Planet homage of ‘Space Panic’ for the Amstrad CPC!

Here’s what the developer says about the game on the website : “The challenging SPACE PANIC pits your character, a spaceman, against cunning space monsters prowling around. You must use defensive tactics and dig traps in the ground for the enemies to fall into. Once they have fallen into the traps, fill them with dirt with your tool to destroy them. You must be careful! Some monsters must fall from more than one height.

This and the use of the ladders to change the height of the cabin will allow you to escape from their craving for human flesh. But this is not the end of the difficulties. The place is inhospitable and your respiratory system is not able to assimilate this chemical combination of oxygen for a long time. This forces you to destroy all the enemies before it runs out.”

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