It was only just the other day that we announced through Indie Retro News that BSzili was aiming to bring the full version of the classic ID Software game of ‘Wolfenstein 3D’ and ‘Spear of Destiny’ over the A1200 with some Fast RAM, no CPU accelerator required. Well fast forward to today and not only can you play the final version of Wolfenstein on your Amiga 1200 but BSzili has also released the final version of Spear of Destiny over to the Amiga as well. Two incredible games that any Amiga 1200 owner fitting those requirements above should try at least once!

Although I haven’t had the chance to load up my Amiga to play these awesome games but according to the creator of these fine versions of Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny, only does it require an 68020 14 MHz processor, but it also needs at least Kickstart 3.0, an AGA chipset, 1 MB Chip RAM, 2 MB Fast RAM, about 25 MB free disk space and finally you need the Wolf3D 6-episode registered data files (*.WL6) except CONFIG.WL6. Although before trying to play any of these games i’d highly recommend visiting the links below and reading the instructions.

Links :1) Wolf4Amiga 2) Spear4Amiga

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