Most of the games we feature are either platformers or shoot em ups, but today’s news is something completely different, as Saberman has informed us that WindigoProductions has released the board game styled turn based business simulator of Spediteur for the Commodore 64. A game which features not just four competing players, but challenging computer opponents, 5 unique maps, different difficulty levels, and is PAL/NTSC compatible. To coincide with this news, as always we’ve got a new video to show you of the game below.

Here’s the latest from the itch io page. “Spediteur is a board game like, turn based business simulation. Become the most successful freight forwarder by earning the most money within a certain period of time. You need to transport goods between cities, so smart route planning will maximize your profits! Traffic jams and sabotage can make your business difficult and sometimes you have to choose wisley whether it is worth switching  from the road to transport by ship or plane”.


  • Friedrich Volmering – Concept, Programming, Art and Manual
  • Jörg Winterstein – Music & SFX
  • Published by K&Aplus

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