Day in day out we get the latest updates from around the world of games being released, or are in development. But when it comes to this gem of a hack which is available for the classic arcade style rail shooter of ‘Starfox,’ I just had to give it a shout out. You see this is no ordinary hack, but this gives the game a brand new story and boasts dozens of amazing additions and features taking full advantage of the Super NES and the SuperFX chip. In light of this incredible news and possibly the final story of the day, there’s a new launch trailer viewable below for this awesome hack of ‘StarfoxEX’

“Experience the amazing power of the Super NES and the SuperFX chip and take full control of Starfox! This romhack boasts dozens of amazing additions and features, including, but not limited to: A brand new map with 17 new levels, new bosses, music, backgrounds, enemies, a 3+ page pre-game menu to customize your experience, SNES Mouse, Super Scope, NTT Data Pad or Multi-Tap for new ways to play, play with 2/3/4/5 people, AI controlled teammates, or ships all controlled by player 1, wireframe mode, grid lines, palette changes etc, customizations to your player ship and crosshair style with new crosshair functionality, a full model test viewer, BGM/SFX test menu and Super Scope Calibration screen and much much more!”.

Links 1) Website Star Fox (USA) (Rev 2) Rom required

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