The Stern of the Union Address, your monthly resource for news, information and highlights on all things Stern Pinball.  Without further ado my fellow pinheads:

Foo Fighters:

Foo Fighters continues to rock the world, including some hit stops at SXSW, Texas Pinball Festival, and Midwest Gaming Classic.  Also check out this incredible article in Billboard highlighting the collaboration with the band on bringing this special pinball experience to life. Stay tuned for more details on the official Stern Army launch parties coming to a location near you!

TWIPY Awards:

What a RUSH! Stern Pinball continued its domination of the awards circuit at the Texas Pinball Festival, host of this year’s TWIPY (This Week in Pinball) Awards, honoring pinball’s greatest.:

Insider ConnectedTM:

Stern Pinball keeps expanding its award-winning Insider Connected platform with new features including the brand new Location Map.  Upon logging in to Insider Connected , players can search for their favorite Stern Pinball machines at an entertainment location near them on the new Insider Connected Location Map! Connect, locate, play, and achieve with Insider Connected!

And hot off its Game of the Year win, take a victory lap with RUSH all month long on the Stern Army and IFPA special Leaderboards on any connected RUSH pinball machine. From April 1st through the 30th, log in with your Insider Connected account to any RUSH pinball machine at your home or at a location near you to climb up the ranks, follow the action, and see who will emerge victorious and earn those ultimate bragging rights and prizes! Courtesy of the IFPA, the top 8 scores on the verified location Leaderboard will win prizes along with an additional 8 random players on the global Leaderboard, just for participating.

RUSH Accessories:

The 2022 Game of the Year keeps getting better with the official accessories for this rock concert pinball adventure. Fly by night to your official Stern reseller to upgrade your ultimate RUSH pinball gaming experience today!

The Making of RUSH:

AAMA Hall of Fame:

A huge congratulations to Sam and Gary Stern for being inducted into the AAMA – American Amusement Machine Association Inaugural HoF Class!

Gameroom of the Month:

Congrats to Chad Scher for winning Gameroom of the Month!  Do you have a special home gameroom you want to share with the world?  Submit your incredible gameroom directly to for your chance to win an exclusive Stern Swag Pack!

Stern Army Updates:

The Stern Army continues to grow with troops spreading the gospel of pinball across the globe.  Here are our newest troops and the pinball locations they support:

  • Private Jay Kinney of Nevada (Player 1 Video Game Bar)
  • Private Michael Bair of Ohio (Hoover Pinball)
  • Private Randall Lakey of California (B A Start)
  • Private Ronnie Vanwormer of Idaho (Berserk Bar)
  • Private Aaron Rich of Ohio (North Canton Skate and Entertainment Center)

Congratulations to the following Stern Army members on their promotion from Staff Sergeant to Sergeant First Class:

  • Sergeant First Class Bill Disney of Pennsylvania (Pinball Gallery)
  • Sergeant First Class Chris Hebert of Idaho (Woodland Empire)

Congratulations to the following Stern Army members on their promotion from Sergeant to Staff Sergeant:

  • Staff Sergeant Rich Wickersham of Virginia (Mustang Sally Brewing Co.)
  • Staff Sergeant Tommy Skinner of Indiana (North End Pub and Main Street Amusements)
  • Staff Sergeant Ryan Recker of Indiana (Summit City Brewerks and Hop River Brewing Company)
  • Staff Sergeant Michele Zebrowitz of Colorado (J Bo’s Pizza and Ribs, Ska Brewing, and Lauter Haus Brewing Co.)
  • Staff Sergeant Ben Granger of Minnesota (Caffetto Coffee Shop)
  • Staff Sergeant Mic Palero of California (Lake Alice Trading Co. and Mission Control)
  • Staff Sergeant Nikola Spasic of Ohio (Superelectric Pinball Parlor)
  • Staff Sergeant Jason Carroll of Canada (Pokey’s Pinball Café)
  • Staff Sergeant Ryan Wanger of Colorado (Press Play)
  • Staff Sergeant Aaron Goldberg of California (Brewski’s Bar & Arcade)
  • Staff Sergeant Marshall Dickson of Florida (Little Shop of Games)
  • Staff Sergeant Chris Brunetti of Pennsylvania (Helicon Brewing)
  • Staff Sergeant Adam Kiesler of Canada (North Star)

Congratulations to the following Stern Army members on their promotion from Corporal to Sergeant:

  • Sergeant Frank Williamson of Alabama (BumperNets)
  • Sergeant Jim Martin of Nevada (Press Start)
  • Sergeant Stefan Riedler of Austria (Vöcklabrucker FlipperSportVerein)
  • Sergeant Gerald Kirchner of California (Pinball Wizards and Good Times Billiards)
  • Sergeant Shaun Amos of Canada (Theo Bill’s Restaurant and Lounge)
  • Sergeant Dan Farrell of Virginia (Center of the Universe Brewing Co.)
  • Sergeant Nick Schademann of New Mexico (Sister Bar)

Congratulations to the following Stern Army members on their promotion from Private First Class to Specialist:

  • Specialist Fred Richardson of South Carolina (Bang Back Pinball Lounge)

Congratulations to the following Stern Army members on their promotion from Private to Private First Class:

  • Private First Class Gina Collecchia of New York (Greenpoint Beer & Ale)
  • Private First Class Gage Whiteley of Oregon (Digital Frontiers)
  • Private First Class Hamish Guthrey of New Zealand (Ye Olde Pinball Shoppe)
  • Private First Class Aric Caldwell of Illinois (Lucky Strike Wrigleyville)
  • Private First Class Morten Soebyskogen of Norway (Kristiania Flipperselskap)
  • Private First Class Jeff Sanders of Alabama (Ronnie Raygun’s)

For more information and to join the Stern Army, please reach out to

Brewery of the Month:

Congrats to Long Beach Beer Lab of Long Beach, California for winning Brewery of the Month! Everyone knows that there’s no better combo than pinball and beer!  Do you have a special brewery you want to share with the world?  Submit your brewery pictures directly to for your chance to be featured as our next winner!

Stern Pro Circuit:

Congrats to all competitors at this year’s IFPA Pin-Masters and Texas Pinball Festival Stern Pro Circuit events.  In the end, Dalton Ely emerged victorious for his very first Circuit victory at the IFPA Pin-Masters, while stream extraordinaire Karl DeAngelo (of IEPinball fame), emerged victorious in dominating fashion at the Texas Pinball Festival! For full details on the Stern Pro Circuit and to keep up with the current standings and schedule, please visit –

Upcoming Stern Pro Circuit Events:

Stern Pro Circuit Event Date Tournament Details
Pinball at the ‘Zoo 4/20-22
PinFest IFPA Pinball Tournament 5/5-6
Cactus Jack’s Silverball Showdown 6/16-18
YEGPIN Match Play Championship 7/20-23
Brisbane Masters 7/22-23

Status of Code:

We are continuously working to update and improve software for our machines.  There are always code updates and bug fixes in various stages of development; we will release them upon update completion.  If you would like to join our mailing list for code updates, please send an e-mail to  If you do encounter any bugs please feel free to provide information to  Get Connected and play!

Code updates and read me files are available at

Stern Team Grows:

Stern Pinball continues to invest in all processes of our rapidly growing business, strengthening our financial team and enhancing our Insider Connected team.  Please welcome our new Corporate Controller Brian Whitfield and our new Lead Creative Designer Ben Gomez!



Pinball is the universal language of fun and no better place to share that fun than at Wondercon!

Merch and Accessories:

Check out our Stern Shop for all accessories, collectibles, clothing and more!

Stern Pinball accessories are also available to purchase from your local authorized dealer –


Are you DTF? Down To Flip, of course…

Stern Pinball is pleased to announce a special limited edition release of one of the most iconic, beloved and thought-provoking series of all time…..Jersey Shore

In this epic pinball journey, players are transported to the iconic Seaside Heights Boardwalk and will experience all their favorite moments from the show. Start every game by using the “Meatball” plunger, and begin your quest to unlock the GTL (Gym-Tan-Laundry) Wizard Mode!

As always, players will need to watch out for any “grenades” that are scattered through the playfield, while also attempting to earn every objective on “Note” Mode made infamous by Snooki & JWOWW. Once complete, players can enjoy “Fist Pump” Multiball, DJ Pauly D approved.

Follow the link to order one of the hottest items ever created in pinball. YEAH….BUDDY!

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