I’m sure many of you remember the Street Fighter games, more especially Street Fighter 2 which appeared not only on the ZX Spectrum but also the C64 in 1991/2. But did you know there is an unofficial overhaul coming to the C64 called ‘Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition’? You didn’t, well you do now! Welcome to the latest game to get the Arcade treatment, and this one is not only coming from Herrera64 and¬†Errazking with a stonking soundtrack by Narcisound, but as of right now you can try an early demo!

Video Link for Mobile Users ( Thanks Saberman! )

Yes indeed if you thought the original version was flawed in anyway, as I know many thought it was down right crap. You’ll be overjoyed to know this work in progress version of Street Fighter 2 should bring it as close as possible to the Arcade, staying within the limits of the C64. Which means it should have fast animation, great fighting movies, multiple character choices and much much more to make this a great version of Street Fighter 2. So yes certainly an interesting heads up ( we also featured it some years back ) but even more so you can try the first release as a demo right now!

Links :1) Source 2) Download

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