Of all the games to appear to in the late 1980’s, this in my opinion was one of the best stunt style racers, it had some of the craziest tracks and the ultimate track the “Ski Jump”. What made it so good was not just the feeling of speed, but the thrill of accelerating into the sky and coming back down with an almighty crack. It was one of Geoff Crammonds finest games, and now thanks to a heads up by cobbpg we’ve just learnt an incredible Super CPU version of the game has been released for the C64.

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Play as the ultimate mad racer around multiple 3D tracks designed like rollercoasters, experience dangerous driving and incredible heights involved that would kill anyone if it was real life. This version of the game doesn’t just run at 50fps, but the physics are working correctly at this speed, the draw distances have have been cranked up, there have been improvements made to the LOD and it’s running completely smooth even when tailing an opponent.. So yes if you loved this classic game and want to experience the game using the full capabilities of the SuperCPU, here’s your chance.

Links :1) Source  ( Please see the readme file for the development of this SuperCPU version )

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