While many of you were overjoyed to hear that Stunt Car Racer from the C64 had been ported over to both the Atari 8-bit and the BBC micro. There’s another version that’s just been released which is equally special and well worth a download, and it’s Stunt Car Racer for the Commodore Plus/4! Yes that’s right thanks to another heads up via Facebook, we’ve been told that kaviolalainen has just released the eagerly awaited Commodore Plus/4 version of Stunt Car Racer. A game which was previewed as a teaser just the other day!

Adapted by cobbpg. Title screen TEDified by Unreal.

Here is what Plus/4 World says about the game :

“The conversion of this game has been rumored and discussed many times over the years, but it never came to fruition until cobbpg decided to port the game. Since he also created a C64 SuperCPU version, he was already intimately familiar with this game’s code, therefore a Plus/4 port seemed obvious – much to our delight 🙂 The original game was programmed by Geoff Crammond in 3 years. It’s well-reviewed and often called a “classic”. If the author’s name rings a bell, that’s because he’s also the programmer of Revs, the simulator that Pigmy converted in 1988.”
“The Plus/4 version takes advantage of the TED’s colors palette. The gameplay however is 100% faithful to the original, so the various hints you can find online for the C64 version apply and can be helpful (e.g. C64 Wiki.) The game features a title picture by Unreal, which is a reimagination of the original using TED colors.”

Dev Notes :

  • There’s a new Manage menu that houses all the non-racing actions, notably Hall of Fame, Load/Save and Restart (which is a hidden option in the original you had to trigger by holding down F1 while selecting Replay).
  • Support for saving games on tapes was removed, but now it’s possible to select the disk drive number instead. There’s also a new Load option on the opening screen to allow a quicker start, but that uses drive 8 by default. You need to start a new game to gain access to the drive selection options.
  •  Game saves now encode whether they are from a single or multiplayer game, so there’s no need to prefix filenames with MP any more.
  • Game saves are not encrypted any more, they are out in the plain and freely editable if that’s your desire.
  • The league and division of multiplayer games can be chosen freely, there’s no need to unlock them via the single player mode any more. Single player games still start from normal league division 4.
  • Similarly to the original, if the filename chosen starts with HALL, then the game will load/save the hall of fame. During loading the current best times are merged with the ones coming from the disk. Note that such merging doesn’t happen when saving over an existing file!
And that’s all there is to say about this fine release, but for further information such as the download/controls make sure to visit the Plus/4 World website located (HERE)
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