The year is 1989. A young man, really an eleven-year-old kid, is playing the NES he’s had for just
over a year, but he isn’t playing the classic Super Mario Bros. Instead of saving a princess in a castle or shooting down ducks, his eyes that evening are on a much bigger prize: To be the first kid on his block to finally beat Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! No one else has been able to do it, but tonight, he is determined.

Time goes by and finally, the match is set. He’s reached Iron Mike and is ready. He bobs and weaves through a volley of punches but perseveres and lands a blow that sends the heavyweight champion of the world down to the mat. The count reaches ten and the young man has done it. He became the first kid on the block to beat the pixelated form of Mike Tyson, and this young man’s name is Shane Stein.

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