VIC-20 owners we hear your cry, you want something more for your system. Well have we found the best thing for you! As of this moment you can try out the latest release of Super Monza GP 2. A new release by AJ Layden as an expanded racing game for the 32K expanded Commodore VIC 20! To coincide with this fresh news story sent to us by Liqmatrix, we have some more information about the improvements as well as a new gameplay video.

Want to know what’s changed in Super Monza GP 2? Well here’s latest changes for you. This game doesn’t just expand on the the original by adding three more circuits (Monaco, Spa and Interlagos), but it has collisions which result in damage, pit entry during the race to repair the damages, as well as a “Championship” mode, where you have to complete every race with a podium finish in order to continue.

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