Control your street fighter in Switch Fighter.

Switch Fighter is a portable arcade cabinet accessory for your Switch.
It includes a joystick and buttons, just like on a retro game controller, allowing it to be used as an arcade-style controller.



We love playing classic game content on Switch.
It’s an amazing machine for experiencing the thrill of classic games.
Nintendo Switch is re-releasing classic titles, with new ones coming out each week,
like those from Capcom, Namco, and SNK. These include FTGs (Fighting Games) for which an arcade joystick is needed. If you are an arcade game lover, you need a joystick to properly play classics like Street Fighter or King of Fighters.

It’s still possible to play retro games with a TV and Joy-Con, but how cool would it be to slide your Switch into an arcade cabinet and play FTGs or other retro games?

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Switch Fighter makes retro gaming possible. Simply slide your Switch into the Switch Fighter, then connect your Switch with Bluetooth to the TV for output and charging.

To provide a full arcade experience, we are using sanwa joystick and buttons(main 6 buttons) which is use on real arcade cabinet in arcade game center.


With publishers like SNK and Capcom re-releasing classic titles for the Switch the number of games available to play in joystick mode will only grow.
And not just classic games — modern releases like Samurai Shodown 2019, Pokken Tournament DX, eg.. are supported too. So light and portable, yet you will feel like you have a real arcade console at your fingertips.

Thought switch network system, multiplayer with switch fighter is available.


Switch Fighter is a Switch  Arcade joystick it’s perfectly work for all of the game in Switch.
Not only classic retro games, Switch fighter will turn out to be such a huge success that those developers will patch in a reverse orientation option…

Looking for more information? Check the project FAQ
What is Switch Fighter?
Control your street fighter in Switch Fighter. Switch Fighter is a portable arcade cabinet accessory for your Switch. It includes a joystick and buttons, just like on a retro game controller, allowing it to be used as an arcade-style controller.
How can I know more about Switch Fighter?
Switch Fighter in still in a development process, we are still working on it to make it the best arcade stick for nintendo swtich, if you have any questions about Switch Fighter , you can send email to us, we are open to suggestion and look forward to receive your mail.
What brand and model stick and button components will be used on “Switch Fighter”s?
Switch Fighter comes equipped with popular Sanwa arcade quality buttons (6 main buttons) and joystick.
Can I choose other style of “Switch Fighter”?
Sure! If the campaign will be successful we will definitely produce the Switch Fighter in different styles and colours. Otherwise, we will provide you with your favourite art work file that you can print out and use to decorate your Switch Fighter.
Can I Mod the “Switch Fighter” with different joystick and buttons?
Sure you can, as Switch Fighter is designed for people to customize it as they like.
What happens if you don’t reach the amount you need?
It depends on the final amount. If it will be enough to start the project we will keep going. Otherwise all of you will be refunded.
Is there any cheap option?
A lite version of Switch Fighter will be available for a cheaper price. It doesn’t come with Sanwa components, but with high quality classic joystick and buttons. Switch Fighter Lite doesn’t work as dock and doesn’t have the USB-C switch console charging function.
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